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You've researched and finally decided on the perfect cricket bat.  Before you rush out and test it in the nets there is some preparation to be done.  Preparing a bat properly, and then caring for it over it's life will keep it performing for years to come. 

Preparing for First Use

Preparation is key.  Before a bats first use the most important task is knocking in.  You can use a bat mallett to repeatedly hit the blade in all areas where the ball would be expected to make contact, paying special attention to the front edges.  Knocking in takes patience, a natural finish will need at least six hours of preparation.  Pre prepared bats require less preparation but sill benefit from a knocking in. Watch as Gray Nicolls shows you the right way to knock in your bat. 

 Oiling a Bat

Regular oiling will prolong the life of your bat.  Linseed oil is the preferred oil to use.  

Applying Extratec

For even more protection you can apply Extratec to the face of the bat.  Extratec will help reduce surface or edge cracks and indentations.

 Now you are ready to care for your bat and enjoy it over many seasons.

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