Running is gaining momentum especially since Bundaberg Park Run and other formal and social running groups have established themselves in Bundaberg.

Running is essentially a simple sport, there are few rules and not a lot of technique to learn.  You don't really need expensive equipment, you can do it by yourself or with friends.  So it's easy to see why so many people have started to put on their shoes to run out the door.  If you're new to running you might think it's simply to build endurance toward that first 5K or half marathon and although some things about running are easy there are mistakes that can easily derail your running plans.  Here are five to avoid.

Running in those old clunky shoes you found in the back of the cupboard.

Most new runners are so excited about getting out of the door they grab the first pair of shoes they can find.  While your 10 year old netball, basketball or running shoes might be find to mow the yard or go for a casual stroll they might not be the best to start your new running career.  Incorrectly fitting or old footwear can lead to blisters and make running harder. Getting properly fitted for a great running shoe is important, our team can help you with making the right choice. 

Losing Momentum.

Running requires momentum.  If you're going to build to longer distances you need to consistently work toward running each week.  If you start taking weeks off, you'll lose progress and running will feel much more difficult.  Don't think of running like golf or riding a bike.  When you take time off and get out of routine it's much harder to start again.

Getting to aggressive with speed.

Most new runners don't realise that taking it slow at first is OK.  They try and push the pace as much as possible, running too fast for the distance chosen.  There is nothing wrong with starting slow and building up as you progress. In addition adding some walking breaks not only helps you build your distance but can add that hit of interval training.

Unreasonable expectations.

Starting a new training program is not that much different to starting a new diet.  You need to keep your expectations in check.  Chances are your early runs will be difficult.  You'll be out of breath, your feet will hurt, your muscles will ache and your body will take a while to recover.  If you expect it to be hard going, you'll deal better with these challenges.  Don't expect to run a marathon within in weeks of starting.  Most runners build to that sort of goal over the course of many months or even years.  If you have a big race in mind, give yourself plenty of time to train.

Failing to account for the weather.

Lets face it in summer its HOT in Bundy.  This can make your runs harder but with some planning you can maintain your momentum. Leave earlier in the morning or wait until later in the evening, hydrate before during and after your run and don't forget to slip, slop slap.

Forget New Year Resolutions - Plan for a more joyful year

Plan for a more joyful year

New year resolution not going to plan?

Try these 5 ways to plan for a more joyful year.

Has your New Years resolution gone out the window?  Know you should make changes to your life, yet don't want to make the same 'lose weight' or 'get fit' resolutions as everybody else?  Instead of setting unattainable goals for the coming year, you can plan for achievements that will bring more joy to your life.  If you are ready to have a more passionate year, consider incorporating the following five happiness tips into your year.

  • Create an achievable fitness goal.  Try walking 3 days a week and then build up gradually.  Consistency is the key to lasting change in your exercise routine.
  • Make small changes to your diet.  Try replacing one thing at a time like a glass of water instead of that soft drink, an apple instead of the afternoon biscuit. 
  • Think about places you want to travel this year.  Rank your choices from most achievable to least achievable.  Develop a financial plan to help achieve the first destination on your list - now you are on your way.  As you visit each destination your sense of achievement will make you feel great.
  • Contemplate your happiest moments from last year.  Think of ways you can create similar memories this year.  Planning your memory in advance helps you focus on living a year filled with heartwarming moments.
  • Have a plan to help others.  It might be a family member, your neighbour or the local sporting team there are no doubt numerous people in your life you can reach out and help. Why not keep a journal to track each time you helped someone in your life without expecting anything in return.  By the end of the year, you will have a journal full of reminders and memories.

Staff Tip: Boot out boring team uniforms

customise your team or school uniforms & make them stand out. 

Mick Pimm and his Sportspower Bundaberg team have been servicing local clubs and schools for over 20 years working with teams to bring their uniforms to life. 

Get a customised look for your team, from kids to adults, any team cricket, netball soccer, rugby league, touch and schools.  From hats to socks we can supply the full kit and caboodle.

What we can help you with:

With a customised garment you get a completely finished product.  No more running around getting numbers and embroidery.  We do the lot - names, sponsors logos, numbers and team names.  Whatever your design it can all be printed into the garment.

A quality garment that is fantastic to wear and perform in.  

You just bring in your desired dream uniform and we do the rest.  From artwork to the final production we can take the stress out of the whole process.

We use only the best brands, including Uhlsport, Emu Sportswear, and Adidas. Take a look through the images below to see some of the uniforms we have supplied clubs in the past. 

Some examples of clubs, schools and teams we currently supply are:

  • Bundaberg Junior Touch Association

  • Bingera Football club

  • North Bundaberg Cricket Club

  • Across The Waves Junior Rugby League

  • South Kolan Rugby League

  • Bundaberg State High School

Bingera Football Club

Bundy Touch

Top tips for increasing your water intake.

Get your 2 litres per day......

Megan's best tip to get your 2 litres of water every day.

Summer had definately hit early this year.

Most of us would love to know that we are drinking enough water each day but how can you really be sure???  Megan has the perfect solution, the Russell Athletic 2LPD (2 litres per day) waterbottle.  

Apart from looking fantastic this bottle is BPA free, has a hygenic flip lid and comes in a great range of colours.  


BUT the best part is because it's 2 litres and has a sipping schedule telling you just to drink by various times of the day monitoring your water intake has never been easier.

Our bodies need a constant supply of water becuase we can't store it andt are losing it all the time.  Most adults lose about 2.5l - 3l per day and this can increase in hot weather or when we exercise.

Water is important for most of our bodies daily functions, without out we risk health issues and dehydration. 

Dehydration occurs when the water content of our body is to low but this is easily fixed by increasing fluid intake.

Megan's top tips to increase water intake...

  1. add some lemon to your water glass.
  2. carry a waterbottle with you when you go to work or out shopping.
  3. freeze some fresh fruit in icecube trays and add them to your water glass.

Happy Birthday....to us! We are turning 20!

happy birthday to us. we are 20! 

What started as Latitude 25 in Rounds Arcade by Jeanie Pimm, has now grown into Sportspower Bundaberg on Bourbong Street and we are celebrating how far we have come in the last 20 years. Take a trip down memory lane with us. Read More

From humble beginnings in 1984....

with the purchase of Latitude 25 in Rounds Arcade, to moving to a purpose built site on Bourbong Street 20 years ago with a core team of four - Jeanie, Michael, Andrew and Melissa. 

The Pimm family have continued to own the run the store since it's inception to this day with Michael and his wife Gail the dynamic Pimm's we know today. 

The store became part of the Sportspower group in 1993 to ensure that purchasing power, access to the best brands and savings could be passed onto customers. 

1996 a purpose built facility in the current location 233 Bourbong Street was built. 

2003 Michael & Gail Pimm take the reins

In 2000 Gail moved to Bundaberg to be with Michael and took on the business together in 2003. 

Gail comes from a marketing and PR background and the couple found  found a nice work/life balance within their separate roles as part of the Sportspower team. 

2010: Extensions & Rennovations complete and Shannan Ponton comes to help celebrate

In order to better cater for the growing fitness market and enable the store to showcase equipment and their increased product lines, an extension and renovation was completed on site at 233 Bourbong St. Shannan Ponton of Biggest Loser fame came to help celebrate the reopening of the store. 

2007 & 2014: Winner QLD & National Sportspower store of the year

Knocking out more than 150 competing stores to take an Australian title. The store was crowned National Store of the year for the Sportspower Group in 2007 and again in 2014.

First taking out the Queensland title, the store then went on to win the national award. This was a massive boost for the store, it's hardworking staff and Mick & Gail. 

2016: We are 20! 

Sportspower Bundaberg are celebrate 20 years in our current loction and we'd likt to say thanks to our supporters and community for choosing your local experts to help you find the right fit, everytime. Come celebrate with us this week, subscribe for savings and VIP offers and more! 

Little guys guide to cricket

Essential cricket buying guide for the little guys. 

Got a little squirt starting out in their cricket career this season? Here is our guide to the absolute essentials to make the process as easy as possible and protect and keep your little one safe, happy and kitted out for the seasons ahead. 

Playing pants

Gray Nicolls Elite and Asics trousers starting at $24.95, cricket whites are an essential part of a team uniform. These pants are designed to breathe and accommodate enough room for the leg guards. 


Including cotton inners and batting gloves, these are an essential piece of protective gear for the hands. 

Abdo Guard

This one doesn't really need much more explanation - protect the important bits! Starting at $5.95. 

Leg guards

Starting at $44.95 these are another essential protective piece used to protect the shin bone against impact from the ball. 


Important for both sideline and on-field play, sunhats in our Aussie climate are essential. The Gray Nicolls ones have a perfect big brim and secure around the face to minimise movement. $14.95. 

Our cricket catalouge has an amazing array of products to choose from and we are happy to do special orders as needed, please discuss in store with Mick or one of our other cricket experts.

Junior cricket starter packs are also a wonderful way to get your child kitted out and started chasing their cricket dreams, without a hefty price tag and these are available in-store.

Hot new Adidas and New Balance hit the shelves

Introducing... hot new Adidas and New Balance to Sportspower Bundaberg. 

Hot off the truck and onto our shelves, for the relaxed trainers (up to 5km) or those with a marathon set in their sights, the Adidas Vengeful, Adidas Response 3, Adidas Supernova Sequence and New Balance Varzee Rush v2 have the latest cushioning technology designed to deliver smoother and more flexible rides. There is a style to suit most foot types and they are well worth a try when searching for your new running pal. 

Read on...

Adidas Stability Boost technology

Adidas Vengeful Men & Women's 

From 5k to the full 42.2, these men’s and women’s running shoes are built to fly across the finish line. Designed with extra support for optimal overall stability, while a lightweight, energy returning boost midsole delivers a fast, responsive ride. Adapts to every runner’s foot strike by unleashing the full potential of BOOST to provide a smoother and more flexible ride.

Best suits foot type: Neutral

Adidas Response 3 Men & Women's

Ready to log kilometres, these running shoes are built for distance.  They’re designed with boost to charge each step with light, fast energy so you can keep going toward your goal and beyond.  Ultra responsive comfort and cushioning combined with unmatched longevity in every climate, stores and unleashes energy every time the foot hits the ground.

Best suits foot type: Neutral/slight forefoot overpronation (Guides the foot and provides dynamic support)

Adidas Supernova Sequence Men & Women's

The everyday training shoe that gets you motivated and keeps you going.  This running shoe features an energy returning boost midsole that keeps every step cushioned and fully charged.

Best suits foot type: Overpronators (heavy duty stability and high cushioned heel)

New Balance Varzee Rush v2 Men & Women's

Powered by Rapid Rebound cushioning to energize every stride, the Vazee Rush v2 delivers game-changing performance with the speed of a running shoe. Featuring a sleek bootie-fit upper, the shoe’s innovative 3-layer upper gives you light, breathable support where you need it and removes layers where you don’t. Run, train and unleash in every direction.

Best suits foot type: Neutral with slight forefoot pronation

A note about Adidas BOOST technology

The adidas BOOST technology promises to give runners maximum return, allowing you to run longer from efficient energy release.  While most running brands have an iconic form of cushioning tech, the BOOST cushioning is one of the most responsive and lightweight solutions for runners in the market at the moment.

To sum it up – the BOOST technology offers a highly cushioned, responsive ride on all terrains (major bonus).

New Balance Rapid Response Cushioning

The Rapid Rebound foam in the New Balance Varzee Rush v2 promises to deliver a spring to your stride, propelling you higher and further - faster. 

It's for both the runner and the athlete providing versatility striking the perfect balance between cushioning and energy return. 

In short - it's bouncy, springy, versatile, lively and dynamic

Help - I need to choose a sports shoe.


Periodic pavement pounder? Want to be gym-junkie? Avid cross-fit addict? Seriously training for that next big race?

It might be a 10km or half marathon you have set your sights on or just getting back into the gym.  Here are Sportspower Bundaberg's top tips for purchasing the right shoe to reach that personal best or milestone you have set yourself.  Here's the thing - you will be spending a lot of time in your shoes so you want to be comfortable and achieve your desired goals and happy feet = happy training.

There are some common questions we get asked A LOT!

So we thought that it would be useful to blog about how to pick the right shoe to suit your training goals.

Apart from all of the technical aspects of choosing a shoe, one thing that will never change is no matter how pretty a shoe is if it's not right for your foot or the activity you're doing then the outcome might be a tad uncomfortable. 

Tip 1: Match your footwear to your foot type, not your outfits. 

The shape of your foot.  Everyone's feet are different, but a commonality is that there are several general shapes.  Take a look at the diagram which Asics have developed - this explains the four (4) main foot types.

Matching your foot type with the correct footwear and training needs is important.  Most complications and uncomfortable fit come from being in the wrong category of shoe for your foot.  

It's important to get really good advice to choose the right shoes for your foot and that is where Sportspower's staff are trained to assist. 

Get this right and you will be training like a champion before you know it.

Tip 2: Your foot type will help determine the category of shoe you need.

There are several different categories of footwear we stock which are matched to different foot types. Try on lots of different styles within your category and we will help you get it right. 

We've also got some quick tips for you when you come to try on shoes:

  • Think about what has worked in the past.  Bring those shoes with you if you can, worn shoes can tell a great story.
  • Don't rush, these things take time and it's important to compare a few different styles and brands.
  • Bring your socks.  We do have some in-store, but if you bring your socks, you will know exactly what everything feels like.
  • If you wear orthotics - bring those too - it's important for us to be able to accommodate them during your fitting.
Tip 3: Have a little time spare, bring your socks, orthotics and old shoes.

Whether you are walking, running, cross fitting, through some gym training in there for good measure - these are 3 short tips to use when purchasing the right shoe.

Happy feet and training.

The Sportspower Bundaberg Team
Your Local Experts in the big red box on Bourbong Street, Bundaberg. 

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